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Residential and Commercial Solar Systems

Pros and Cons of solar energy

SSS offers the supply and installation of solar systems for residential or commercial customers. We assure you that you will get your solar panel system designed and built following best-industry-practices.

This is ensured by using our in-house CEC accredited installers which makes sure that we have full quality control by not subcontracting work out. Our installers are trained beyond industry standards, being certified by the Australian Solar Council to comply with the Solar Gold Standard. They are remaining current on best practices through Clean Energy Council and Solar Council memberships.

In addition to our high focus on the quality of workmanship, we only use Tier 1 modules and inverters that have a proven track record of reliability and other quality electrical componentry that ensure safe operation during the whole 30 and more year lifetime of your system. We only use new and CEC approved components to ensure your eligibility for the Australian government’s solar rebate scheme. We have access to a range of products to ensure that your requirements are met.

Ask us about special offerings at the moment. Due to our bulk orders we are able to offer our high quality solar components at better prices than others.

There are different solar financing options available. Residential customers typically prefer to pay upfront for solar panels and therefore enjoy the shortest payback times. Businesses typically prefer to finance the systems due to higher system sizes and cost and the desire to not interrupt their operating cash flow. The upfront purchase of solar panels entails the following (please seek advice from your qualified accountant):

+ Instant system ownership
+ Increased asset value

+ Payback time approx. 4-5 years
+ Full savings from day 1

+ 1st year GST accrual for companies
+ Annual depreciation for companies

– High capital outlay
– Performance and technical risk on you
– Time intensive to get to know solar peculiarities

Commercial Solar Sponsoring

The benefits of Solar Sponsoring for your business

We want to increase deployment of solar panel systems in Australia. For this we have tailored a product which frees you from the burdens of buying a solar system. You will not need to worry about financing the solar system, its quality, performance or its maintenance. By qualifying for our commercial Solar Sponsoring your company may be eligible to receive your commercial solar system financed, installed, maintained and insured by us. You will receive the energy it produces from SSS at a rate below what you currently pay to your retailer over a period of 10 to 15 years after which the system is yours.

This allows you to save money from day 1 without any investment or operating expenses, just watch your roof turn into a productive asset.

Take advantage of the benefits of solar panels for your business operations without the need to spend time on managing the process of getting a solar system. We guarantee to provide a top quality system, as it is in our best interest that the system performs perfectly in order to be able to sell the maximum amount of electricity. Should the system underperform, that becomes our problem, you simply buy the electricity from your normal retailer as you normally would.

Using Solar Sponsoring to finance a solar system means that no negative cash flow is ever generated for you since you only pay for what electricity you consume and do not have to invest anything in the solar system… ever! Additionally your company gains instant benefits in reputation with employees, collaborators and clients. Contributing to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions also improves the company’s sustainability. All of this is achieved without any financial or technical risks normally associated with the installation of commercial PV systems.

If you want the benefits of solar panels, give us a call or a quick email to see whether your operation may be eligible to receive a sponsored solar system from us and take advantage of this well established business concept. It only takes a minute and your company will appreciate your personal initiative towards less costs and a greener footprint.

The overall characteristics of Solar Sponsoring as a solar financing option (even if your premises are leased) are the following (please seek advice from your qualified accountant):

+ No money upfront
+ No impact on credit rating, you don’t pay upfront for the system, Sponsoring payments are like electricity payments on P&L as an Operating Expense
+ Best quality system ensured, if the system doesn’t work you just get the electricity as usual from the grid until we fix it
+ No negative cash flow ever since you only pay less for what you consume
+ Hedging against rising retail prices
+ Financing, Installation and System Maintenance, Insurance by us, no hassle for you
+ Free solar system at the end of Sponsoring term

– Sponsoring terms from 10 to 15 years depending on the desired savings between our Sponsoring rate and your current retail tariff

Residential and Commercial Solar Leasing

Solar Leasing to finance solar systems

In case your company is not eligible for commercial Solar Sponsoring or you’re a residential customer, consider the benefits of solar energy by leasing. With residential and commercial Solar Leasing we can offer a product that can provide you with a cash flow positive asset which pays for itself.

You receive a solar system by us without any upfront cost and the savings yielded by the system can outweigh the finance payments on an annual base. SSS would still arrange for finance of the solar system for you. The better financing rates we can access will be passed on to you through monthly lease payments that may be below what the solar system saves you in cost.

The savings you achieve with your solar panels will instantly reduce your energy bill and could possibly overcompensate for the lease payments. Furthermore, all the solar energy you do not use can be sold into the grid.

Increase your property value with the installation of a solar panel system. It could effectively cost you nothing over the years. Curious? Just give us a quick email or call. An overview about the main features of the Solar Leasing approach as solar financing option is shown below (please seek advice from your qualified accountant):

+ No money upfront
+ Potential for positive cash flow on annual base with savings exceeding payments
+ Payback time approx. 6-7 years

Chattel Mortgage shows the asset on the Balance Sheet, you own and depreciate the system, the whole GST of the system is claimable in your next BAS
Rental is off Balance Sheet, Financier owns the system, you have monthly instalments in your P&L Account, GST claimable on monthly instalments

– Approximate interest rates range around 7 to 9% p.a. for solar systems
– Rental / Chattel Mortgage: terms normally 5 to 7 years


This is what our customers say:

“We are happy to recommend Sustainable Solar services, on top of designing our system to our needs, they gave us loads of assistance finding solutions to roof access, a cost effective maintenance schedule, and a good rate on our finance package. We will soon be building a second new factory building on our property and we have no hesitation asking Sustainable Solar Services for input on a bigger solar system that suits our energy demands. 5 stars.”

Andy / Commercial Solar Panels 33kW System in Melbourne, Victoria

The benefits of solar with SSS