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Reduce electricity costs of your business with commercial solar

Melbourne | Victoria

SSS specialises in commercial solar – Melbourne Metropolitan area and beyond. We specialise in innovative products such as commercial Solar Sponsoring. It is a concept that can benefit companies who wish to make use of commercial solar panels, but do not want to pay the upfront costs. We can finance, install and maintain your commercial solar panel system without you having to invest anything. You only pay for the solar energy you use through a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA). This typically results in much lower electricity tariffs than you currently pay your retailer, a positive cash flow approach!

Apart from saving money on electricity, commercial solar energy is also an alternative source of energy. This may be valuable in case of power cuts or shortages. It is also an investment which can provide you with tax benefits as your accountant may confirm. Solar investments typically provide a Solar Payback Time of under 5 years. They can yield a return on investment of over 10% in 10 years and up to 20% in 20 years, which is much higher than most other low-risk investments.

Commercial solar panels are suitable for any business size – small, medium or large. They perform best on unshaded roofs and can be either laid flat or tilted, pointing in any direction except South. If a sufficiently large roof space is available, you too can enjoy the benefits of commercial solar panel systems. Businesses that can take advantage of commercial solar systems range from small restaurants and cafes to schools, cinemas and especially large scale industries such as factories and manufacturing plants.

Commercial solar panel options for your business

Upfront PurchaseCommercial Solar Melbourne | VIC

  • One-off upfront cost.
  • Instant ownership and depreciation of system.
  • Payback time around 5 years.

Commercial Solar Sponsoring

  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA).
  • No upfront cost.
  • We finance, install, maintain and own the solar system during the PPA period
  • Price of solar energy consumed lower than retail price.
  • No performance risk since any system repairs are paid for by us, therefore no negative cash flow possible.
  • You take ownership of the solar system at the end of the PPA period.

Commercial Solar Lease

  • Zero or low upfront cost.
  • Fixed monthly payment for commercial solar panels.
  • Recurring lease payments may provide tax advantages.
  • Ownership and instant GST recovery possible with a Solar Chattel Mortgage.
  • Payback time of around 7 years, cash flow neutral or positive.

This is what our customers say:

“We are happy to recommend Sustainable Solar services. In addition to designing a solar system to our needs, they gave us loads of assistance finding solutions to roof access, a cost effective maintenance schedule, and a good rate on our finance package. We will soon be building a second factory building on our property and we have no hesitation asking Sustainable Solar Services for input on a bigger solar system that will suit our future energy demands. 5 stars.”

Andy / Commercial Solar Panels 33kW System in Melbourne, Victoria

If you are considering the benefits of  a commercial solar in Melbourne | Victoria contact us.

If you would like to learn more about commercial finance options you can have a look at our reference page here.



SSS is certified to perform best-practices throughout the whole project lifecycle