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Financial Sustainability – Saving Costs <> Creating Values

Financial sustainability is achieved when a business is able to deliver products and services to the market at a price that covers their expenses and generates a profit. Families and private households achieve financial sustainability, when the income exceeds outgoings. In financially sustainable businesses and households, long term Financial Sustainabilityprofitability takes priority over any short term gains. Both, families and businesses need to think short, middle and long term in order to succeed. In the short term the main focus is on securing income, which will cover living expenses. In the middle term it is important to ensure that income and outgoings match at least. In the long-term it is important to apply strategies to ensure financial sustainability. Human existence evolves to a large extend around properly securing nourishment (mainly short-term), being healthy and housed properly (middle and long term) as well as to ensure well-being when older and for the children (long-term).

Sustainable Solar Services is a partner to rely on, when it comes to planning your residential or commercial operation as well as investing sustainably in existing real estate (your solar system or mid- to large-scale projects). We will ensure that your investment is financially sustainable.

Main tools of assessment will lead to the correct calculation and hence scenario:

1. Energy Substitution (Solar) and – Saving Assessment = Cost saving calculations

2. Property Value Assessments = Value increase and long term conservation

3. Risk Mitigation = risk of damage to your property

4. Cost Saving Assessment of maintenance and repair costs

5. Cost savings due to hedging against energy price increases

6. Subsidies, Grants and Tax Credits

1. Besides a person’s mortgage or businesses’ property loan the monthly utility bill is the most costly expenditure that owners face on a consistent basis. Energy saving assessment and associated cost saving calculations are relatively simple in their approach. They depend mostly on the means to get your electricity (Solar, …), the type and efficiency of the used heating and A/C system, your glazing and insulation type. Defining further contributing factors is not always easy. The quality of installation, sealing the property towards 100% and the type of sealants and insulation materials are major contributing factor, which we together with our affiliated company SCS quantify and take into account. Furthermore, correct ventilation in each season is a contributing factor.

Increase the value of your premises with solar2. SSS Property Value Assessments are targeting value increase and conservation of your property value. We will assess both cases, new-built and refurbishments. The subject matter is to assess the property value development over time for different scenarios of low or high quality as well as low or high efficiency materials and products. The resale value as well as finance approach depends on it and will save or earn you money. A solar system increases your property value as well and therefore enables you to benefit from it even further in future.

3.  Risk Mitigation via Risk Quantification is a tool to evaluate the risk and value of potential damage to your property. In case of a faulty roof, water will penetrate your property and will cause damage to structural elements, finishes, flooring or cause contamination by fungus. This will cause loss in value and high costs for rectification works. In many cases these works cannot reinstate the original condition of your property. SSS ensures that your property will not be damaged by our installations and even advises you on potential threats during our Site Assessments.

4. For solar systems as well as buildings, maintenance and repair costs are decisive over the building’s life-cycle. The life-cycles of installed products/ materials and maintenance intensity are major cost factors. SSS will calculate the projected cost and potential savings for your property considering different cases, in which particular products are used.

5. For new constructions as well refurbishment the right choice of solar is important. For existing roofs the installation of a solar system can be combined with a refurbishment of the roof, whereas for new builds the solar panels may be integrated into the roof and therefore roofing material can be saved. SSS will calculate the cost saving on this system, taking a holistic view on your construction or refurbishment project.

6. The federal and state governments often issue grants, subsidies and tax credits/ reductions for certain means of increasing energy efficiency in your home. SSS can advise on those and calculate the effects on applicable grants on your construction or refurbishment project.

Many of the above factors are often neglected by installers, consultants, even architects. The effects of a proper assessment of all of the above areas will give you realistic results for your property, leading to low costs and financial gains in the long run.

Please Contact Us to find out how SSS can help you improve your financial sustainability on a particular project or overall.