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Solar Resource Assessments

Solar ResourceThe determination of solar resources for each site is important. This is done through a Solar Resource Assessment for every solar project. For large scale developments, any negligence can have a major impact on any future long-term cash flow. Additionally, bankable solar resource data relies on long-term measurements of normally one year.

Therefore we recommend to get our advice early on. This ensures the access to the right equipment for the determination of relevant meteorological parameters. Any oversight at this stage will affect the quality of the measured resource data and finally lead to increased uncertainty and finance costs.

Apart from development of necessary specifications for meteorological measurement equipment for your project, we may also supply the equipment and install it on site. This saves you from having to worry about any technical operations. SSS also offers data monitoring to ensure early detection of any sensor fail early on.

SSS has access to various sources for the determination of the solar resource for any site, be it for PV, CPV or CSP technology. Our bankable assessments will help you through the financing and reduce the risk of your ventures.

Solar Resource assessment