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Solar Construction Monitoring, Acceptance Tests and Drawdown Certification

For project owners as well as lenders it is crucial to have a close look at the progress of the project they invested in with Solar Construction Monitoring. However, internal resources with the technical competence to assess whether specific tasks are on track and the quality of construction is in line with the agreed design are often scarce. 

This can lead to cost overruns due to additional componentry as identified after contractors have been paid. Furthermore the risk of incurring Performance – or Delay Liquidated Damages is increased if no continuous and independent assessment of the project progress is undergone. Having your independent advisor on site to represent you will finally save you costs. Solar Construction Monitoring is recommended for all projects from commercial size of 10kW upwards, and especially for utility-scale projects.

SSS staff has accompanied many projects to completion and is happy to dedicate the competence to your project. We can ensure smooth construction and help get projects back on track immediately in case any party deviates in quality, costs or schedule. 

Please contact us to discuss our approach and find out what we can do for you as an individual or organisation.

solar construction monitoring