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Would you or your company consider installing a commercial solar panel system? If not, why wouldn’t you? Would you consider solar if:

  • Solar did not need investment or impact on your cash flow and credit rating with its investment and O&M expenditures.
  • You did not have to spend time in evaluating tenders and managing solar technicalities.
  • You would not run the risk of getting a bad quality system with potential fatal flaws and low performance.
  • You had one competent and reliable contact person for any issue.
  • You started saving instantly in a transparent and comprehensive way.

This is what our customers say:

“We are happy to recommend Sustainable Solar services, on top of designing our system to our needs, they gave us loads of assistance finding solutions to roof access, a cost effective maintenance schedule, and a good rate on our finance package. We will soon be building a second new factory building on our property and we have no hesitation asking Sustainable Solar Services for input on a bigger solar system that suits our energy demands. 5 stars.”

Andy / 33kW Commercial Solar Panel System in Melbourne, Victoria