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Technical Solar Due Diligence

Solar Due Diligence

Whether you are performing a common project finance or Merger & Acquisition intents, SSS can help. We provide Solar Due Diligence of all aspects by performing high level red flag analysis.

Common tasks performed during our Due Diligence processes for projects before financial close comprise the following:

  • Site Appreciation
  • Solar Resource Assessment
  • Energy Production Assessment
  • EPC, O&M, Land Lease, Way leave and other Contract Review
  • Permit Review
  • EPC, O&M Contractor and supplier proposal review
  • Grid Connection Review
  • Environmental and H&S Review
  • Review of Third Party reports
  • Review of Costing and Time Schedule
  • Risk Assessment

We’re happy to provide our best proposal to perform a Technical Solar Due Diligence based on what you will be able to make a wise investment. Please contact us to discuss our approach and find out what we can do for you as an individual or organisation.