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Solar Tender Support

Solar Tender Support

SSS can provide you with Solar Tender Support during the whole tender process for your operation. Be it that you are a governmental entity looking for specific consultancy services or if you are an EPC Contractor wanting to select the best suppliers, SSS will be there at your side, deriving the Requests for Quotations / Proposals and Tender Documentation, sending them to a selected shortlist of candidates and following up on their progress.

SSS will help with the analysis and selection of the best bidders and accompany you through the whole process. This will ensure a time and cost efficient process without any unnecessary iterations due to ambiguous tender specifications and lead to 100% comparable quotations from the bidders.

Especially when you are on a tight schedule it is crucial to get the support of experienced advisers to lead an efficient and streamlines tender process.

Please contact us to discuss our approach and find out what we can do for you as an individual or organisation.