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Solar Energy Production Assessments

The estimated long-term energy yield a solar plant provides is the most relevant technical parameter to determine project feasibility. This is commonly done by feeding a representative design time-series of meteorological data into specialized simulation software. Then we simulate the system configuration under consideration with a time-resolution of at least one hour.

The soundness of the final result therefore depends highly on the quality of the meteorological data fed into the program, as well as the correct parameterization of the solar plant. Furthermore, the determination of the entailed uncertainty is of major significance during the financing stages of projects. The proper control of key issues like degradation, different loss factors as well as the variety of algorithms to be used along the energy conversion chain is a competence SSS takes special pride in.

SSS developed the methodologies and skill set to deliver bankable Solar Energy Production Assessments, based on best industry practice in the technological areas of PV and CSP.

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Solar Energy Production Assessments